Easy Home Exercise Schedule to Help Lose Weight

weightloss exercise

Putting on weight is easy when you often eat lots of your favorite food items. In a few days, you start looking plump, then deposit of body fat especially in lower abdomen, hips, and thighs. Usually, these are the favorable areas for fat deposit and harder to lose weight. If you put on extra fat quickly, don’t let it accumulate and gain weight. Working out in a gym is fun when you are disciplined and motivated. Fat Burning exercise help to keep your mind and body fit. How about some easy home exercise schedule to help you lose weight

Perform activities at home which continuously help burn calories, splitting it on weekdays.

You can do gardening on Mondays. This includes weeding to help tone your shoulders, arms, and legs. Watering plants, digging the soil for better aeration of plants. Before you finish, clean and clear the land to burn maximum calories. Weeding and cleaning for 30 mins may help to burn around 300 calories for an average weight.

On Tuesdays evening, have a cup of green tea with lemon to satisfy your appetite and refresh yourself.  Get yourself start with dusting, cleaning doors, your windows and window panes. Apart from standing, try cleaning the floors with a sponge. Remember, your intent is to try different positions along this work. Arranging all the house is quite a hectic job though seemingly simple and helps in shedding off extra fat.

Wednesdays, try re-arranging your wardrobe. Later the shoe rack including cleaning up all your shoes. Keep your evening light and save energy for the next day.

On Thursdays, we are looking forward to the coming weekend already. We are feeling energetic thinking of all the excitement of the coming weekend.  Let’s try a 30 mins schedule with Jump Squats Exercise 10*3 Sets, push-up 10*3 Sets, Skipping 60 seconds * 3 times and include body balance exercises like bridge, leg lifts exercises in your schedule as well.

It’s Friday finally, time to play some music and do some dancing or even Yoga and Meditation leading to peace of mind and body. Soothing nerves can lead to less urge for unhealthy food.

Weekends are generally hard to maintain discipline. For weekends, you can choose an easier routine to include some basic sports, running. Try for 6-8 small meals instead of having big meals, prefer to eat your meals in small sized plates which psychologically help in eating less.

Love yourself:

Above basic ways for shedding calories are worth practicing when you are at home. It does not need any planning, just a healthy thought to keep you healthy, hale and hearty always.

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