7 Fat Burning Foods

7 Fat Burning Foods

Are you looking to reduce your belly fat? Losing weight is possible from two dimensions where one is exercising and other is right diet. It...
pearl millet

Add Health and Taste to your Food with Pearl Millet

Pearl millet is a power-packed grain used as a nutritious food in countries including India, Australia, Europe, Africa, USA, and Nepal. It comes in...
what is Panchakarma by Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj

A Comprehensive Guide to Panchakarma and Rasayana

Panchakarma, the holistic approach to mind, body, and soul cleansing is becoming extensively popular globally for its amazing benefits. With origins tracing back to...
Negative energy

Negative Energy Cleansing for a Healthy Mind and Body

The universe is made up of energy that is either positive or negative in nature. While positive energy brings with it many benefits, negative...
Dr. Mike J Gomez

UNVEILED! The Relationship Between Recurring Pain in Women and Hormones

Hormones are little messengers that play a critical role in driving your body. When they are balanced, you stay happy, healthy and focused. The...


flax seeds benefit for hair

Why Include Flax Seeds in Your Hair Care Routine? We List the Benefits

“I am glad I found flax seeds at just the right time. I am one of those who received compliments all my life for...
Paleo Diet

Is Paleo Diet Relevant in the Modern World?

Paleo diet has made a disruptive comeback after a millennium, and trust us that it is more popular than ever. Also known as caveman...
evening crave

Some Healthy Options for Your Evening Crave

It’s very likely to get too hungry in the evening that can drain your willpower to have unhealthy or extra calorie food. Some basics...
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turmeric tea

5 Amazing Reasons to Start your Day with Turmeric Tea

Turmeric, the yellow-orange spice is trending with the wellness crowd for its astonishing health benefits. The herb has been used for over 4,000 years...