Yoga exercises for your daily life – control your body

Yoga Exercises

There are more than 300 poses of yoga and if you are just a beginner then you need to consider many essential postures to practice yourself. However, body control and body balance is an amazing feeling to achieve through yoga exercises. Below are some basic poses that you can start with:

Mountain pose will let you feel the earth. It’s a standing pose and you need to press down through all your toes. While doing this exercise open your chest and start to breathe deeply holding for up to 8 breaths. Another exercise is Downward Dog which strengthens the entire body. In this case, you come on with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips respectively. You can walk your hands forward to get more length. After this exercise, you can also try Plank. It allows you to learn how to keep your balance on your hands. In this way, you strengthen the abdominals and breathe in a difficult pose. Triangle is also a wonderful pose to open the lungs and strengthen the legs. It will also stretch your waist amazingly.

As a beginner, you may also try Tree. It will help you to focus and keep your breath while standing on one foot. After this try the Bridge posture as well and stretch your front body. Doing various exercises you need to try others that will help you have a rest a little bit. As such the Child’s pose is an awesome one for beginners. Anytime you need to relief your stress or just a mental break, then you are good to go with this exercise.

Yoga is a body language and you not only stretch your body but also your mind. Try the above-mentioned postures and find out the infinite potentials of your soul. Embrace Yoga exercises in your daily life!

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