Do you Know the Health Benefits of Dry Dates?

dry dates

Are you looking for healthy food options that are rich in nutrition and easy on the stomach? Dry dates could be your holy grail to a healthy life. These sweet and savory, rich textured dry dates are a healthy food option packed with nutrition. Though, it’s a common perception that consuming very sweet and calorie-rich food isn’t good for health, dry dates when taken in moderation could help in weight loss while ensuring your body stays energetic and healthy. That said, let’s look at the benefits of dry dates and how to make this healthy food a part of your routine.

4 Benefits of Dry Dates

1. Protect the health of the heart

Very low in fat and cholesterol, dry dates are a controlling agent of lipoprotein or bad cholesterol. A healthy heart means normal blood pressure. Your blood pressure is also regulated by the high potassium content in these dates.

2. Drive away constipation and improve digestion

Rich in fibre, these dark brown delights stimulate the digestive juices and aid digestion. The fibre also acts by facilitating the movement of the bowel in cases of constipation. These two are the daily basic obstacles that many people silently endure because of the oily food that they eat. You just need to pop up 2-3 of these and get going smoothly for a great day. The fibre also aids weight loss. Besides dry dates, here is our ultimate list of 7 Fat Burning Foods.

3. Good for bone health

Bone health is a worrying issue for individuals of all age groups. The food that we consume today has low nutrition level, which makes it difficult to maintain the bone density of the body. To make sure you have strong bones to reduce the chances of injury, support a health body posture, and aid stamina; make sure to eat dry dates every day. These miracle foods are rich in calcium that is imperative for strengthening of bones.

4. Improve the health of skin and hair

Along with giving way to yummy and enjoyable treats, these dry fruits make you feel great about yourself. Now, that’s the perfect treat. The vitamin B5 they contain improve your hair and the skin texture, moisturizing them well.

How to eat dry dates?

To make the most out of these delicious food, you should know the right recipe. As they are hard to chew, the ideal way of eating dry dates is softening them by soaking. For those who don’t want to have it that ways, here is a little help with dry dates recipe.

1. Dry dates boiled in milk

Instead of eating simple water-soaked ones you can enjoy some delights boiled in milk. These become soft and subtler in terms of sweetness. They also become a high point in nutrition, fortified with calcium content. So, you can step up from the simple ways and use some more dry dates recipes here.

2. Smoothies

Crush these golden brown titbits with your favorite foods like coconut, cashews, strawberries, and milk. There couldn’t be a more nutritious treat for the body.

3. Add to salads

When added to quinoa salad or the usual everyday salad, these add a stage of variety and pep you up with a twist of sweetness.

4. Sprinkle on your oatmeal

Your Oatmeal is boring? Too bland? Many people feel so. Make it a savory by topping it with some dry dates. This will make the healthy bowl of oatmeal a healthier one.

Final Words

This royally textured food is mainly reaped in Middle East and Africa. Though sought after especially in winters as it is warm in nature, it is a good choice you should grab whenever available. Yes, but do not overdo it. It has some sugar content in it. Another similar boost of nutrition comes in the magic fruit ’Avocado’. Know about it here – Nutrient Superstar – Avocado

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