Best Cardio Exercises to Blast That Stubborn Belly Fat

belly fat

Belly fat can be understood better by dividing it into two parts: the superficial fat or the deep/visceral fat. The deep belly fat is buried far inside one’s abdomen; and is linked to many chronic medical illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases. An exercise regimen with crunches, sit-ups and planks is not a one-point secret to achieving a flat belly. Cardio exercises raise your heart rate and will help you in rapidly reducing the bulge. Some of the best cardio exercises to blast belly fat are:

Steady state cardio:

Any aerobic exercise that stabilizes your heart rate for approximately 10 minutes will help you in increasing your metabolism and burning calories. One should do a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic exercises in a week. These activities can include swimming, jogging, walking, training on an elliptical, etc. Experts also recommend spending an hour everyday on cardio exercises for best fat reduction results.

Step aerobics:

This is another proven method that will help you to shed those extra pounds of fat. These exercises target your legs and glutes; such that you work up a sweat and eventually burn calories. High-intensity step aerobics might even lead to a loss of 400 calories in half an hour; which can have drastic results. You should begin with small steps with east modifications and gradually move on to bigger steps with modifications.

Take part in a spin class or opt for biking:

These two exercises are renowned for losing high amounts of calories and fats. Spin classes are practised on a stationary bike indoors where one can control their speed and resistance. One should keep it in mind that faster pedals will lead to more fat being burnt. Spin classes require a certain level of expertise; and you can try to take first few classes at a slow pace. Since it is done indoors and is high intensity, one might get very hot and sweat a lot; which is why it is essential to stay hydrated throughout.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This type of cardio is famous for burning a high amount of calories as well as raising your metabolism for a complete day after you finish the workout. To perform HIIT, one must switch between high-intensity and moderate-intensity cardio. You can spend approximately twenty minutes doing HIIT with an initial five minutes for warming up your body. This will have very good results on one’s abdominal fat.


In order to budge your stomach bulge, you will have to undertake a well-rounded approach for a sustainable period of time for effective and long-term results. Strength training, cardio exercises and a healthy nutritional diet are all equally essential if you want to lose that belly fat and keep it that way.

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