Adding Core Exercises Without Equipment to Your Daily Routine

Core Exercises without equipment

Core Exercises without equipment are a very important component of one’s exercise regime. They target particular areas such as the muscles in the abdomen, back, glutes and thighs and strengthen them. They also go a long way in improving your overall balance, posture and coordination. Core exercises enhance your flexibility and promote better breathing. It is equally important to add core exercises to one’s daily routine as it is important to incorporate them into your workout. A few subtle ways through which one can add core exercises in their daily routine are:

Common core exercises without equipment

Experiment with your posture

Exercising with your posture is definitely one of the hardest exercises one can perform. Maintain a good posture while activating your core for a minimum of 10 minutes. Most people find this very hard to perform. However, practice can take you there. Since we do not stand or sit with good posture, our core muscles get deactivated; which makes this exercise extremely important. You can try using an exercise ball to perform this in the correct manner.

Swap Your Desk Chair With A Balance Ball

One simple way to which you can add some core exercises to your daily routine is by swapping a chair for a balance ball. If you sit, balance and bounce on an exercise ball; you are automatically strengthening your back and stomach muscles; improving your posture and raising your body’s balance and stability. This is one of the excellent core exercises for beginners.

Ditch the lift:

Doing away with the lift for stairs is a good and fairly convenient practice one can adopt. It burns calories, improves the heart rate and also tones your body. The next time you find yourself waiting for the lift to come to the floor, consciously walk away and take the stairs to benefit your body.

Perform dips on the couch:

When you slow your body down after a long tiring day and find yourself resting on the couch; you can perform dips to keep your body loose and strengthen your joint mobility. Integrating such small movements that activate your core can go a long way in improving one’s overall fitness.

Making the gym a daily habit can be particularly strenuous and time-consuming. However, adding such everyday changes to your lifestyle can strengthen your core and help in alleviating any back pain. It’s all in you and it is always the right time. Just do it.

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