Most of us know the basics of tooth brushing like how many times a day and when to brush. Still, we could be making brushing mistakes without even realizing it! Here you can find 5 Tooth Brushing mistakes that can be avoided easily to keep your teeth in a healthy condition.

Your Choice of ToothBrush

According to many Dental Association, you should choose a brush that has soft bristles and these bristles need to bend. Take into account that brushes have different sizes of handles and angles and some of them are more flexible. So, based on the size of your mouth you can choose an ideal one. Bristles remove bacteria loosening plaque from your gums and teeth. This plaque often causes gum disease which itself leads to tooth decay.

Harder isn’t better

While brushing you shouldn’t try to scrub your teeth too hard. Plaque is very soft, easy and gentle brush would also remove the plaque and solve the purpose. You should just massage them and forget about scrubbing so hard!

You always in a rush to brush

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for 3 minutes. But we all in a rush to finish brush. Never cut this period, easy way to start is to set a timer or play our favorite song. In addition, turn the water off while you are brushing. Leaving water on mentally push to speed up the job and invariably you get into in a rush.

You forget the gum line

Gum line is the line separating the gum from the exposed part of the tooth. By default, you brush the chewing surface without paying much attention to the gum line. This is one of the most common mistakes – you never brush along your gum line. Bacteria build more quickly if isn’t regularly brushed away or cleaned. A gentle massage with a soft bristle on gum line is equally must.

One time brushing is not enough

You should brush your teeth every single day and each day you should do it twice, Simple. It is just as important as you eat. There are many benefits of brushing twice a day including removing bacteria, plaque etc, the most important part is “prevention is better than cure” to avoid unnecessary complications.

Your beautiful smile will never lose its attraction.