The 5 Rules of Living a #GoodLife


True happiness comes from within. There comes a point in time when money, expensive jewelry, or world tour fails to give you happiness. Though everybody wants to have a blissful life, only a few know the secret of how to be happy. Living a good life means bringing a positive change in your perception, thoughts, and the way you spend each day. On the journey to seek happiness, you need to understand that it will take a lot of time and efforts at your end to get a life that you always wanted. To help you embark on this search for wisdom and a happier life, we share five rules of living a goodlife.

1. Accept that nobody is perfect

Nobody is born perfect. The sooner you accept the fact, the easier your journey gets. Love yourself the way you are, and be comfortable in your own skin. When you love the color of your skin, eyes, hair, and the way you look, it will boost your self-confidence, and increase the happiness quotient.

2. Leave the habit of comparing

The grass on the other side always looks greener. It’s time to stop comparing yourself with others. When you look at what others have, it makes you feel miserable. Wishing your life to be like theirs is only going to demotivate you, and ruin your happiness.

3. Open up and trust people

When you are scared of showing your real self to others, you will not be able to see their real self. You need to shed away the fear of being vulnerable and open up. Remove your social mask, ask for help, and give suggestions. This way you will create a bond of mutual trust with family members and peers, which will make you happy.

4. Don’t expect anything in return

It is human tendency to expect from others. Try to help others without expecting anything in return. Unconditional love is pure, and when you make others happy without worrying about return on your investment, you will slowly start living a goodlife.

5. Stay positive in every situation

Life is a rollercoaster ride. There will be times when things will fall out of place and go out of your control. You might be angry, sad or stressed about the situation. Irrespective of whatever the scenario is, focus on staying positive. Every situation teaches us a lesson. Those who live a comfortable life or do not come out of their comfort zone, do not learn and grow. Even if the situation is really bad, you must stay strong and positive.

The Takeaway

Life is a beautiful gift of god. Embrace the good things and leave the negativity behind, on your journey to living a goodlife. Instead of focusing on materialistic aspects, work towards living a healthy and positive life. Find a purpose and give your best shot to achieve it. All these things will help you in living a remarkable life.

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