Every year in a change of season, it’s common to get affected and catch a cold. It can be annoying and we understand that. Avoiding environment and people with germs help, but it is equally important to build your immune system to avoid cold n flu. Flu vaccinations provide temporary immunity, your body is worth for a longer resistance.

Some of the basics and easy habits can help build your stronger immune system to survive cold n flu season.

  • Properly wash your hands – An effective way to lower your chances in spreading germs in your community and a key to lowering your chances of getting a cold or the flu. You pick up germs on your fingers and you can accidentally get them in your mouth, quit touching your lips. Make sure to scrub your hands between fingers, back & front of your hands for 20 secs.
  • According to scientists, people who consume probiotics through supplements or fermented food like yogurt, kimchi etc have a less chance of upper respiratory infections. A research was conducted in 2012 which compared two groups of college students suffering from cold. Those who took probiotics supplements recovered two days earlier with fewer symptoms as compared to the other ones who did not take probiotics.
  • It’s better to keep the windows open. Letting a little fresh air circulate keeps airborne viral particles on the move, making them harder to pick up. Exercises also boost immunity, so it is better to go out for a brisk walk. In a study in 2009 the people who exercised 45 minutes, four times a week had a quick recovery as compared to those who stayed back.
  • Eating mushrooms also helped people. A research published in a journal of American College of Nutrition showed good results of boosting the immune system. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet which have antioxidants to fight against cold and flu viruses. Try broccoli, cabbage, or kale. They offer the biggest boost.
  • Be careful, if a stranger next to you begins coughing. Excuse yourself and move to another seat. When you have to cough or sneeze, aim into the crook of your elbow. As you use your hands all day long, you don’t want to spread germs to the next doorknob or workplace you touch. Remember Point 1 – Wash your hands regularly and properly.
  • Honey intake helps. Try a spoonful of honey to soothe your cough. It may work as well as a drugstore cough syrup. Don’t give honey to kids under age 1 year, though — it’s not safe for them.
  • Do flush out the nose and it really gives a big relief. As it also reduces the chances of having an ear infection. Steam is also one of the best ways of calming down, try longer hot showers.
  • You should take more liquids to get rid of mucus your body makes when you have flu. The best option is to consume orange juice, tea or soups.
  • Gargling warm water with salt (½ teaspoon) in it also helps flush out germs. Try before going to bed and first thing in the morning.
  • Do not jump into antibiotics as flu it is not bacterial. It will prolong the duration of flu then.